Archery Blockchain took off four months ago. It is a Luxembourg investment fund that invests in crypto-currencies and blockchain, the underlying technology.

The portfolio was created in December 2018 by Gian Bochsler. It was created following the success of a pilot project aimed at evaluating the cryptocurrency market: Ether Capital. The latter constitutes a private portfolio of crypto-currencies reserved for a private circle of investors developed in May 2016, it has enabled the Archery Blockchain management team to build solid expertise in the field of blockchain. Its founding objective is to meet the growing demand from outside investors. The investment fund has already acquired 10 employees and more than 15 million euros in assets under management. It has earned its reputation in a market where it is aimed at investors looking for diversification by assets uncorrelated from traditional markets wishing to invest, in the medium and long term, 

According to Gian Bochsler, Founder of Archery Blockchain, “by investing both in so-called stable crypto-currencies (Stable Coins) and in the primary market for ICOs, Archery Blockchain succeeds in dividing its volatility by three while preserving its potential. yield. "And to add:" while the volatility of the cryptocurrency market could represent a brake for moderate risk profiles, Archery Blockchain offers a rare opportunity for diversification. "

Upon arrival, Archery Blockchain aims to provide high-performance investment results with controlled volatility of less than 5%. To meet his investment objectives, he balances his portfolio between crypto-currencies with major market capitalization and high volatility (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.), crypto-currencies with low volatility (DAI, TUSD, etc.) and investments in the primary market with very high yield potential (COSMOS, DFINITY, POLKADOT, etc.). Thanks to a daily rebalancing of his portfolio, he optimizes the return on investment while offering a volatility of less than 5%.

 “Blockchain is a real technology, but it is not new: it pools several technologies that have already proven their worth, such as peer-to-peer, cryptography, telecommunications and the internet. However, it is now necessary to be aware of its long-term perspectives: the blockchain will revolutionize the way we transfer value as the internet has revolutionized the way of exchanging information, ”concludes Sadry Bouhejba, CIO of Archery Blockchain.