Asset Management - Archery Blockchain presents this week the results of its first quadrimester of existence. This Luxembourg-law fund offers to diversify its portfolio with assets decorrelated from traditional markets, by investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The Archery Blockchain investment fund - specialist in cryptocurrencies and blockchain - unveils this Thursday, April 25 the results of its first 4 months of existence. This Luxembourg vehicle was launched in December 2018 by Gian Bochsler, to meet the growing demand from outside investors. Today, the fund has 10 employees and more than 15 million euros in assets under management.

Archery Blockchain is anchored in a real economic revolution, thanks to decentralized and connected technological innovation. This fund was created following the success of the Ether Capital pilot project - a cryptocurrency portfolio reserved for private investors - developed in May 2016. Ether Capital enabled the Archery Blockchain management team to build solid expertise in the field. of the blockchain .