Launched in September by Vincent Perriard, former CEO of HYT Watches, this solution allows luxury products to be authenticated through a single photo.

It is a real scourge that is growing in the field of luxury and high-end watchmaking. Counterfeiting is wreaking havoc: 40 million watches are estimated to be illegally manufactured around the world each year. Cradle of watchmaking production, French-speaking Switzerland has seen the emergence of entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at combating this chronic disease. Vincent Perriard, now a luxury consultant, has just launched from Neuchâtel Origyn, an innovative tool to effectively fight against counterfeit luxury products, the loss of which for Swiss watchmaking represents 224 million francs, according to his estimates. 

Blockchain, AI and machine learning

This well-known personality in the world of watchmaking - the former CEO of HYT Watches in particular managed the Concord and Technomarine watches - has joined forces for this with specialists in various technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (or machine learning). The result: a digital certification that can authenticate luxury products, giving information on their provenance, history and owner. All in an instant, by taking a photo of the object using an app. Thus, the solution developed by Origyn is based solely on image recognition, without the aid of a bar code, a microchip, an engraving or any other intermediary.

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“We are three partners and co-founders with experience in three different fields,” explains Vincent Perriard. First of all, we want to retain and convince partners. The ultimate goal of this project is to one day return control of the tool to the watch industry so that it can benefit from it. ” An application should also be available to the general public in 2021. For now, the founders intend to reinvest the potential income of Origyn in the project in order to perfect it.